About Us

With over 17 years of experience, Spring Branch Pet Patrol provides excellent care for your pet, with a proven track record for dependable service and happy customers. We keep your pets safe, content and active while you’re out, with the intuition that comes with years of experience to determine your pet’s needs at any given moment. Whether you’re leaving on a business trip or a family vacation, Spring Branch Pet Patrol gives you peace of mind that your pet is being cared for.

At Spring Branch Pet Patrol, we understand that every pet is unique. If your dog or cat has special needs, we will make sure they are met. Medical regimens are followed carefully, dietary concerns are taken into account, as are any exercise and other physical health issues. Have a young puppy that might need some extra love and attention? No problem! Our experienced professionals have seen it all and are ready to help. Please contact us at 713-461-2857 today.